Mission: To be the most efficient metal manufacturing company in the United States.

Why Choose Us?

At Metal Wholesale, LLC we focus on the long-term, 100% satisfaction of our clients. It is not our goal to merely stay busy and do good work, but to give our best and most efficient, cost-effective efforts to clients who are looking for the best products. The quality of our goods is a direct result of the quality of our machinery and equipment – it is simply put, the best in the world. Our customer service focus is always on efficiency and ease. Because you deal directly with the owner of our company, you will have smooth communication and a clear understanding of the process and products you’re looking for. We value relationships, built on the trust our customers have in our specialized focus, knowledgeable staff, and courteous & friendly service. Whether your project is a post-frame agricultural building or a new roof for your home, we stand behind our products and our process. Thank you for choosing Metal Wholesale LLC. We are proud to be Your Professional Metal Manufacturer.


Office Team

Wilson Weiler

Neal Zimmerman

Dean Fox

Clint Weaver

Nolan Hoover

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Keith Garman

Lavern Martin

Shane Swan

Production Team

Josh Taylor

Hunter Harris

Denver Westaway

Lamar High

Galen Hoover

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Carly Goodson

Glenn Sauder

Casey Mccarty

Chris Davidson

Damien Antal

Michael Veacht

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Tyler Ball

Hunter Bell

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Clint Zimmerman

Ivan Martin

Allen Jr. Fox

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Neil Burkholder

Charles City

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Dan Zimmerman

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Tim Shank

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Andy Oberholtzer

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Curtis Oberholtzer