Hi-Temp Pipe Flashing

Metal Wholesale’s Hi-Temp pipe flashing is high and low temperature resistant. It is available in red round, red square, or gray round and is designed to create a watertight seal that can withstand high temperatures and performs well in harsh environments.

Product Features:

  • Unique cone design seals securely
  • Clearly marked cutting grooves
  • Simple solution to flashing a penetration through a metal roof.
  • Is marked with dimensions to allow for easy sizing to fit each individual application.
  • Aluminum base conforms to roof with ease

Standard Installation Instructions:

  • Trim the cone with tin snips to suit the post size
  • Slide cone down the post using water as a lubricant
  • Apply sealant to underside of flexible aluminum base
  • Press base to the roof profile by hand
  • Smooth out any awkward creases
  • Don’t fully extend to allow for vibration
  • Fasten using self-sealing fasteners or pop (sealed) rivets

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