Retrofit Pipe Flashing

Retrofit flashings are the ideal solution for the elimination of leaks around pipes or other roof penetrations where existing flashings have failed.  Providing a completely weatherproof seal, on any profiled sheet or pitch, Retrofit flashings are designed specifically for use where obstructions, bends and cowls prevent the application of a standard Dektite.  Retrofit flashings are quickly and easily installed by wrapping around the penetration and simply fixing down on to the roof sheet. This offers the opportunity for reliable flashings to be fitted retrospectively and dramatically reduces maintenance time and costs.

Product Features:

  • For use in awkward applications or for repairing around failed flashings.
  • Unique flexible closure system in stainless steel.
  • Trim lines and sizes on sleeve aid accurate cutting for closest possible fit around pipe.
  • Flexible rubber sleeve between independent seals at head and base allows freedom of movement between pipe and roof and reduces vibration and noise transmission.

Retrofit Installation Instructions

  • Trim the cone with tin snips to suit the post size
  • Cut seam and aluminum base with tin snips
  • With seam in downstream position, wrap cone around the pipe
  • Engage 1st clip at top of the seam using multigrips
  • Engage remaining clips working down from the top
  • Apply sealant to underside of the flexible aluminum base and to seam closure
  • Press base to the roof profile by hand
  • Smooth out any awkward creases
  • Don’t fully extend to allow for vibration
  • Fasten down by placing a fastener on either side of the seam then secure the rest of the base using self-sealing fasteners or pop (sealed) rivets

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