Square Pipe Flashing

Square flexible pipe flashings conform to any sheet profile or roof pitch providing faster installation and dramatically reduced maintenance.  When correctly fitted they eliminate all leaks and because they allow for movement between pipe and roof there is no risk of seal breakdown. With a 20-year warranty, Dektite flashings are the ideal method of sealing pipes and services from soil vents to heating flues.

Product Features:

  • Unique cone design seals securely
  • Clearly marked cutting grooves
  • Simple solution to flashing a penetration through a metal roof.
  • Is marked with dimensions to allow for easy sizing to fit each individual application.
  • Aluminum base conforms to roof with ease
  • Larger, square base will cover a larger opening: making it more forgiving for penetration openings and allows for steeper roof pitch.

Standard Installation Instructions

  • Trim the cone with tin snips to suit the post size
  • Slide cone down the post using water as a lubricant
  • Apply sealant to underside of flexible aluminum base
  • Press base to the roof profile by hand
  • Smooth out any awkward creases
  • Don’t fully extend to allow for vibration
  • Fasten using self-sealing fasteners or pop (sealed) rivets

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