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Metal Roofing Insurance Company Discount

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Should I accept a discount from my insurance company for a metal roof?

Cosmetic damage is any amount of damage that affects the appearance of your home -but doesn't always impact the functionality. Cosmetic damage exclusions are common in hail-prone areas and will lower claim payout, even on policies that claim to have "replacement cost" coverage.

What customers often don't understand is that less intense hail can still leave dents that will eventually rust out and ruin the rest of the roof over time. It may not be apparent right away, but any metal roof with hail damage has already had its structural integrity compromised.

Certain insurance companies that offer a discount on roof insurance won't cover what they previously did prior to the discount. After accepting the discount, customers will only be able to get their payout if the damage to their roof is extreme and well beyond the cosmetic level.

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