Roll of Butyl Tape

Butyl Tape

Our Butyl Tape is one of the best in the sealant industry. Designed to make a weather tight seal and prevent entry of moisture for metal roofing panels. It is a gray, 100% solid, asbestos-free, sealant tape that is a highly rubbery, tacky designed for sealing lap joints in a metal roof. It is preferred due to its excellent tack and superior cohesive strength and will not become brittle, crack or flow during service.

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  • Excellent for sealing painted, bare and Kynar 500 metal roofing panels
  • Adheres to Bare galvalume
  • Will not corrode metal roofing
  • Meets ASTM and Federal standards
  • Non-stanining
  • Permanently flexible
  • Resistant to ultraviolet and extreme temperatures
Roll of Butyl Tape

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