Low Profile Ridge Vent

Our patented Low Profile Ridge Vent is made from non-fabric-covered Python vent material. This durable, modified polyester is a non-woven, non-wicking, fiber-based matting. Its specially cut contours provide a custom, low-profile fit for any pitch and most major metal roof profiles.

Our Low Profile Ridge Vent provides a superior net-free ventilation area that helps keep out moisture, pests and dust. Plus, our Low Profile Ridge Vent can be installed by just one person in three easy steps. In fact, the screw bed and industrial strength peel-and-stick adhesive pre-applied to Our Low Profile Ridge Vent makes this one of the easiest installations imaginable.

Our premier custom-cut vent strip includes Python polyester vent material inserts for a snug fit and optimum ventilation at a cost lower than traditional fans and louvers.

  • Custom-cut profiles for snug fit
  • Superior net-free ventilation reduces condensation
  • Easy, one-person installation
  • Moisture and pest barrier
  • Proprietary adhesive provides superior hold
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • Non-obtrusive appearance
  • Helps reduce utility costs
  • ASTM testing: D1929, D737, D1294-86, D2261-83*
  • Box quantity packaging

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