Vented Ridge Roll

Vented Ridge Roll

Metal Wholesale’s Vented Ridge Roll Universal Venting Material vents, protects and lasts like no other. While polyurethane products constantly expand (as they soak up water) and contract (as they dry out) causing them to disintegrate and fail, Vented Ridge Roll offers 40 years of Weather-Tite performance. Its specially formulated polyester— manufactured from recycled material—prevents moisture absorption and holds together to help keep out pests. It’s also extremely durable, flame-resistant, clog-resistant, and tear-resistant.

Vented Ridge Roll is not only an economical choice, it’s a long-term solution that provides plenty of cooling air flow, which is vital to meet building codes, reduce utility costs, and minimize long-term building damage caused by improper ventilation.

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Our most economical polyester-based ventilation product.

  • Won’t absorb moisture, which can freeze and block all ventilation
  • M63 Marco proprietary adhesive for superior hold
  • Easy, one-person installation
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • ASTM testing: D1929, D737
  • Available in 10’ and 20’ rolls and multiple packaging options
Vented Ridge Roll

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