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Be the most efficient metal manufacturing company in the United States.


Create and grow long term relationships with Team Members, Customers, and Vendors that are relentless about top notch, fast service with a smile.

Our Team

Office Team


Wilson Weiler

Chief Executive Officer


Kenny Fox

Chief Sales Officer


Kent Anderson

Chief Operations Officer

61eed40d6f36f5469ed71b46_Neal Zimmerman (1)_500px.png

Neal Zimmerman

Chief Financial Officer

61eecb26d7a04620bf6f926e_Dean Fox (1)_500px.png

Dean Fox

Inside Sales Leader


Nolan Hoover


Sales Team

61eec5a3d739cfdaf0f2d0b9_Brandon Fox (1)_500px.png

Brandon Fox

Sales Rep

61eecdc244881310f260cd81_John Horst (3)_500px.png

John Horst

Sales Rep

61f448e73f7ecf6bad0add9b_Phil Mast_500px.png

Phil Mast

Sales Rep

61eed216d91f3e8566d6ceb0_Neil Burkholder (1)_500px.png

Neil Burkholder

Sales Rep

63ff9191bd5b563ab829ca46_2023.03.01 - Wes Gingerich.png

Wes Gingerich

Sales Rep

628d18ae7bfe1d3338d05499_2022.03.07 - Chris Beiler.png

Cris Beiler

Sales Rep

63ffb092e6145f19031a1b3f_2023.03.01 - LeAlan Fox.png

LeAlan Fox

Sales Rep

64909dc00d18156cbaa52ae7_2023.06.19 - Larry Roseberry.png

Larry Roseberry

Sales Rep

Plant Managers

61f192910b8f6638e76df8cb_Nevin Hoover_500px.png

Nevin Hoover

Bloomfield Plant Manager

63ff91a229ef7f2a834cdc86_2023.03.01 - Leland Beachy.png

Leland Beachy

Hutchinson Plant Manager

64da512d6838c3f18749cb99_2023.08.04 - Jason Reiff.png

Jason Reiff

Charles City Plant Manager

2023.08.04 - Mike Yuodzukinas.png

Mike Yuodzukinas

Linton Plant Manager

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