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TEXTURED Wins Again!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The Metal Wholesale Team is doing research at a paint testing fence in southern Florida. We are very diligent about quality products and have product samples from our production facility on the test fence in every color we offer. Our Research Team has partnered with the top coating companies in the industry to test TEXTURED metal coatings and reach the same results every time. TEXTURED metal coatings outperform both Smooth SMP and Smooth PVDF finishes when it comes to fading and color retention.

These samples have been exposed to the harsh conditions of southern Florida for over 5 years. These intense conditions, equivalent to more than twice the exposure of anywhere north of Jacksonville Florida, rapidly accelerates the fading on painted panels and is the exact reason most metal roofs in southern Florida are unpainted.

Textured Metal Advantages

  • Exceptional Color Retention

  • Extra fade resistant

  • Extremely durable finish

  • Non-slip footing for safety

  • Elegant style with matte finish

  • All your friends will love it!

The unique texture of Metal Wholesale's TEXTURED finish redirects light for enhanced visual depth, promising an improvement over the regular smooth finish. The responsive design allows its subtle shading to mirror the eye's motion, creating beautiful, shifting, shimmering tones.


  • "What I like about TEXTURED metal roofing, as a contractor and installer, is that it hides a lot of small wrinkles or scratches that can happen during installation and it also brings out your color nicely. It doesn't have that glare from the sun. I would use TEXTURED paint over smooth on any job!" - Norman Gingerich

  • "The appearance and durability of TEXTURED products adds value to almost any project." - KC Builders

  • "TEXTURED metal gives your home a softer appeal, not shiny and glistening like the smooth pole barn metal. It's easier to walk on during installation, especially on steeper slopes, and in adverse conditions." - John Wagler

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